This d.i.y. comic-book collects apocalyptic stories told at the stroke of the new year.
In the night of December 21, 2012 Darkam, Akab, Miss Tendo, Angelo Mennillo, Alessandra De Cristoforo, Arianna Vairo, Rocco Lombardi, Alice Socal, the canadian Stef Lenk and the french BLO meet at the inn at the end of the world.
They are independent cartoonists, crazy designers , carelessness writers, painters of all available surfaces, daydreamers, travellers through worlds and eras.
Toasting to the end of everything and to the beginning of something new, softly at a candle light they will make us listen to their obsessions, fears and prophecies.
XLAB new d.i.y. release
curated by Darkam and MissTendo
cover by paolaverde
english text/ita
limited edition, 48 colorfull pages, 21 x29,7 cm